My commitment is deciphering complex information to tell compelling stories with design principles and produce graphical statements to challenge and improve our perspectives.
My commitment is deciphering complex information to tell compelling stories
with design principles and produce graphical statements to
challenge and improve our perspectives.
graphic designer e-commerceArt Director and Head of Design
Jan 2017 – Apr 2018
São Paulo, Brazil
A brand that produces basic yet excellent clothing and sells through e-commerce. I led the design across three main projects:

Headed the redesign of the website’s user experience and interface on the occasion of platform migration. The new design project was then adapted to others brand production, such as marketing and store signage;

Restructured and optimized the monthly photo shoot by increasing by three its efficiency as well as the quality and variety of images. At the same time, proposed a new system for the flow to the images database;

Managed the team for creating campaigns and all other daily tasks while heading the major project. Communicated with all departments to organize priorities and improve productivity.

Logos Studio
Senior Graphic Designer
Sep 2015 – Dec 2016
São Paulo, Brazil
A Brazilian graphic design studio driven mainly by a modernist approach. I did:

Actively managed the process for all studio projects, from concept and design to execution, tests, and graphic production, and was liaison contact for clients and third parties;

Independently developed projects contributing to essential concepts, as well as managed flow of projects and tasks;

Developed a broad design field range, including visual identities, UX, UI, editorial, and publishing.

São Paulo Museum of Art, MASPGraphic Designer
Mar 2015 – Aug
2015 São Paulo, Brazil
One of the most prominent museums in Latin America. As part of the first design team, I:

Effectively implemented and improved the new visual identity. Conducted the switch to the fresh new look in an active museum at the same time adapting it to the museum’s departments –exhibitions, editorials, signage, marketing, institutional, and the website, among others;

Actively contributed to iconographic surveys by searching in the internal and external collections for the exhibitions and publishings to enrich their database, besides contributing with references to the original museum’s radical fundamentals;

Communicated with every department that had visual demands, facilitating the interdepartmental collaboration, as well as optimizing overlaid tasks, and aligning deadlines.

Bamboo MagazineGraphic Designer
Sep 2012 – Feb 2015
São Paulo, Brazil
An architecture, design, and lifestyle magazine with a renowned graphic project. In support of a weighty design project, I:

Creatively improved the graphic projectby inventing original and appealing layou while maintaining the identity. The team won multiple national and abroad awards;

Led the conception of processes by assembling the design system with templates, tokens, and patterns. Thus, optimizing time and, mainly, ensuring consistency and scaling;

I managed our team’s workflow, while leading communications with third parties. I also drafted storyboards for the magazine and suggested any adaptations.

Warrakloureiro Studio
Intern Designer
May 2010 – Aug 2012
São Paulo, Brazil
Studio of noted designers focused on cultural content and editorials. In this role, I:

Accurately developed templates and patterns to notably increase the productivity of composing intern book pages. As result, the studio acquired a greater demand of it;

Was responsible for composing books, applying visual identity, accompanying physical production, and researching iconography.

and researcher

Postgraduate in Infographics
and Data Visualization
Parsons New School of Design
August 2023 – In progress
New York, US

Master’s in DesignFaculty of Architecture and Urbanism
of the University of São Paulo, FAU USP
March 2019 – June 2022
São Paulo, Brazil

Thesis: Programmatic Thinking in
Web Design: Roots in the Modernist Graphic Design

*Selected for the exhibition MCB Design Award, Brazil, 2023

Bachelor’s in Architecture and UrbanismFaculty of Architecture and Urbanism
of the University of São Paulo, FAU USP
February 2008 – December 2014
São Paulo, Brazil

Complementary Education
Introduction to Information Design
and Data Visualization
Cooper Union for the Advancement
of Science and Art
July – August 2022, 24h
New York, US
Specialization course in data visualization using Processing with p5.js

Daily Press and InfographicsArts and Communication College of the University of São Paulo, ECA USP
March – July 2013, 48h
São Paulo, Brazil
Academic discipline in data visualization
and infographics

Folha de S.Paulo NewspaperApril 2013, two-weeks
São Paulo, Brazil
Internship in the newspaper’s
Data Visualization Department.

Educational Projects
Alexandre and Laís Wollner CollectionResearcher and archive editor
Feb – Nov 2021
Played a crucial role on the occasion of
the donation of the collection –one of the most relevant in Brazilian design history– by the Alexandre Wollner family to the FAU USP Public Library. Led and mediated the initiative to establish the archive.

I had the privilege of being charged directly by the family to head the structuring and cataloging all the personal documents and photos besides more than 3000 books. In addition, I designed the collection ex-libris to be stamped on its items.

Fotoensaio Course: An Educational Photo MagazineCo-founder, teacher, and graphic designer
Mar 2019 – Jul 2022
São Paulo, Brazil
Hands-on course about visual essays conducted through the production of a photo magazine. In collaboration with a photographer, it goes from theory and guided photo shoots to the edition, design, and printing of the material. Thus, students enriches their personal portfolios.

The course feedback was near unanimously positive, confirmed by nearly one-third of students returning to redo the course.